Another Take on Dating and Relationships in Your 20s

Awesome blog post on relationships!



Safe to say, I’ve had my fair share of casual dating, being single, and also serious relationships. I’m glad I got to experience it all up to this point because I feel like I actually know myself, what I want, and what I need. I’m obviously no expert, but here’s my take on all three:

Let me start by saying that being single is fun, as I’m sure many of my peers who are single in their 20s can agree. It’s a great time to be selfish, pick up hobbies, discover and immerse yourself in what you like to do to learn about yourself. In contrast, you never have to put anyone else’s needs and wants before yours, so while it’s individual growth, it is very much so a selfish kind of growth because you never have to meet anyone halfway.

Now, casual dating is another thing. Dating is also…

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